Corporate Orders

We have a bespoke service that caters for corporates. Company events and special occasions that can benefit from the use of products such as our branded frames, calendars, photo books and more.

Nykaa Filmfare Awards

With so many brands competing for a persons attention, your brand needs to be heard and remembered.

People love to be made to look special. There’s a fine line between making it look tacky and professional. Under the line can be disastrous for your brand.
We believe to have surpassed that line with a product and service offering that leaves a positive impact of your brand and experience.

Frame Ordering Process
Our back end team together with amazing product assembly process means that you and your team spend minimal time on admin and design. Using Google Drive to collaborate and share information, we remove the hassle completely away from you.

Frame Quality
We care as much about the aesthetics as making the product work, which is why we have also focussed on the practical details.

  • Frame Mould - solid Grade A wood is used throughout ensuring the frames look neat and tidy for a long time.
  • Frame Glass - toughened scratch proof glass
  • Frame Fixtures - We use simple alligator hooks making it easy to hang your frame without using a ruler or leveller to ensure it’s straight.
  • Silicone Gels - at the bottom corner of each frame is a small silicone gel, so when your frame is hanging, it’s level with the wall.
  • Frame Backside - the back of our frames have thick cardboard backs so no construction embellishments can be seen.

The Experience
We are more than just the product.

  • Frame Box - Our frames come in a solid box branded with your company logo. The box makes it easier to transport should you move, or want the frame packed away temporarily.
  • Frame Cloth Cover - Our frames are also neatly packed away in a cloth cover with your company logo printed.
  • Personalised Card / Letter - Each frame is personalised with

Our prints are printed on the finest matt archival papers using 10 and 12 colour printers. What this means is the pictures are museum grade quality, fit for any exhibition.