Photos you can see, touch and smell.

Wedding photos scented with mogra flowers, birthday photos with vanilla cake, and bachelor party photos with... you get the picture ;)

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Greeting Cards

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An experience so real, you will feel like you are there again.

Connect your Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and other online accounts or simply upload directly from your phone or computer. Select and Customise your photos. Print and wait for a new experience.


Smelling really is believing in this case. printmypicture have pulled the stops out here. Scented photos of the occasion. Wow.

Amrita Sadarangani (Regional Director South Asia, University Of Edinburgh)

A simple interface, with just a few clicks and a speedy turnaround. Frame received in 2 days.

Deepak Lamba (President, WWM, The Times Group)

Amazing quality, professional prints packaged with purpose. Minus the headache you normally expect. Surprised that this has not been done yet.

Cyrus Oshidar (MD, 101 India)

#pmpdup Photostrip

Photostripping. You deserve it!

#pmpdup Regular

Nothing regular about these.

#pmpdup Square

Square up for some serious action.

#pmpdup Greeting

Say hello to my little friend.

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